MagicStick One : windows 10 Pro Activated & MS Office Preloaded (Blue Color)

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MagicStick PC Nano Stick Turns Your TV Into Powerful Full Featured Computer. Most Advanced PC Stick Made. Runs Windows 10 & Android OS & Ubuntu 19.04 Preloaded, All Your Favorite Apps, HD Games on Big Screen
* SMALL STICK TRANSFORMS TV INTO HIGH POWERED COMPUTER. Why didn’t somebody think of this before? Simply plug MagicStick into your TV and it instantly becomes an advanced PC computer. It will do everything an expensive PC will – now on the big screen of your TV! Or plug MagicStick into your Type C USB drive to easily move data. Battery inside means you can transport the stick without shutting it down. No affected by power fluctuations.
* WINDOWS 10 Pro License Activated and MS office preloaded onto MagicStick. Run those popular operating systems on your TV. Run all your favorite apps. Use your computer to check email, write papers, and much more. Has embedded IOT controller that works from your cell phone to turn on and off remotely. Connects to 2 displays at once. For example, watch TV at the same time you work on a computer monitor. This feature is very helpful in Business presentation , Teaching  and Home computainment etc.

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